From advising clients & contractors on site to discussing the most cost effective products at tender stage we are able to help you at most stages of your project.   These cover a wide range of areas but can be categorised as sealing and protecting the building envelope against noise, air leakage and specialist fire protection and smoke reduction requirements.

Fire Surveys: We will survey existing buildings and advise you of any shortfalls in any of the above elements. After surveying the requirements we can undertake the remedial work to ensure compliance.

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Acoustic seals

New buildings are designed to achieve the most up to date acoustic control measures. Partitions will be compromised wherever services penetrate and sealing with ad hoc products will have a detrimental effect on the overall acoustic performance.

The performance of coated batt systems for acoustic separation is poor, relative to the partition into which it is installed. We have extensive experience working with testing laboratories and manufacturers to ensure that any penetrations are re-instated to the optimum level of acoustic performance.

We can advise on the sound reduction index of a partition as surveyed on site and identify any potential issues when complying with the relevant BS standards (residential, industrial, offices), Building Regulations Approved Document E (ADE 2003 part 4 – schools) or HTM 2045 for Hospitals

Air sealing

With the recent changes to the Building Regulations Document L, we are able to provide systems to meet the new demands for air and gas sealing of buildings. Boards, mastics, and tape can all be used to achieve long lasting effective results. Air sealing design needs to be inherent within the design of the building to ensure it is cost-effective. It is always possible to seal a building at any stage; however the cost can rise if it is an afterthought. We are happy to come to site at an early stage to discuss and offer advice on your requirements.

Sealing Server Rooms

Gas suppression extinguishing system rely on air sealed rooms to be successful, suppression systems will be ineffective if the server room is not sealed effectively. In addition it is good practice that the server room will be resistant to fire and smoke.

Thermal Insulation

Whether insulating a new building or upgrading an existing one, soffit insulation can be offered to meet all current building regulations. A range of rigid board systems can offer thermal and acoustic insulation and fire protection. Laminated systems can also be used to achieve a decorative finish. Changes to the thermal performance required of a structure have given rise to a significant increase in the use of rigid board systems as oppose to the previously preferred mineral fibre spray systems.


We are a specialist fire protection company with extensive experience in providing cost effective solutions to the fire separation and acoustic sealing issues that clients may have. We are able to help designated persons responsible for buildings assess the level of fire separation within buildings.

Server rooms should be protected by fire resistant and smoke sealed enclosures – They should be checked and certified annually to ensure that the integrity of the enclosure and validity of insurance cover.

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