Intumescent Paint on internal steels

Intumescent Paint is a thin film coating applied to structural steel members to protect against fire. The thickness of the paint required will be determined by the Hp/A value of the steel section. The thickness of the paint film is measured in microns. Most intumescent coatings are applied by spray making it a quick cost effective method of achieving up to 2 hour fire protection on structural steelwork. When activated by the heat of a fire the intumescent coating generates a foam-like char and this swelling reduces the heating rate of the steel member is not exceeded during the required fire resistance period.


Specialist intumescent paint, together with protective top coat, ensures intumescent paint can be used in both external and high-humidity internal environments.


Intumescent coatings to timber enable the natural beauty of the wood to show through whilst providing protection against flame-spread in the event of fire (either a Class 1 or Class 0 rating). This ensures that timber within heritage buildings can comply with the latest requirements and also keep the important aesthetics of the timber.

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