After completing University in 1978, David travelled extensively in Africa marketing Electricity supply materials. From 1984, he started working for companies allied to the passive fire protection industry. 

David initially working for suppliers of materials (notably Nullifire and Corofil), before moving on to work for a renowned market leading contractor. The variety of roles enabled him to gain extensive knowledge of passive fire protection products and their correct application.

In 1998 he started his own business and initially with a ‘fire-stopping only’ offering.  Pyrotect quickly became known as being a trusted contractor and added structural protection within a couple of years.

Russell Morgan joined him in 2007 and his extensive knowledge & experience moved the company forward to yet increased levels of activity.

After 16 years of managing the business to become one of the leading passive fire protection companies in the country, David made the decision that he wanted to reduce his workload.  He subsequently asked Chris Goodison to join the company. Chris joined as MD designate and became MD in July 2015 with a remit to take the company forward.

I still have an active involvement with the company as Director which I plan to continue for the foreseeable future.