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Our Live-Digital-Complete Firestopping Software Package gives you a complete digital live view of all Firestopping works as it actually happens, supporting the commercial, operation and administration requirements of Firestopping.

Firestopping, Fire Protection

Pyrotect provides complete supply and install systems for fire protection, fire stopping, air sealing and acoustic sealing to new and existing buildings.



Pyrotect are based in Leicestershire; our aim is to protect persons and property by the installation of cost effective passive fire protection systems. Fire protection within construction is intended to preserve life and property. Effective fire protection in both the building structure and compartments plays a critical role in containing a fire at its source. Pyrotect have extensive practical experience of installing all aspects of fire protection materials and have gained an unrivalled reputation for quality and service. Our underlying culture is that of honesty and openness and developing partnership links with like-minded companies.

Fire Stopping

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